My Thoughts on Street Fighter X Mega Man

Earlier today, Capcom made an announcement that they would be releasing a brand new Mega Man game in celebration of Mega Man’s 25th Anniversary. The main draw being that it’s a free, PC download title and hits two anniversaries in one; Street Fighter and Mega Man’s. It’s drawn in quite a few fanfare and criticism. As someone who’s been a fan of the series since his childhood and was annoyed by the company’s ridiculous decisions through out the past year, I felt it was best I give my two cents on the subject.

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10 More Songs That Make Me Want to Play the Games They’re From

Obviously I simply couldn’t do only one list of 10 songs. So I’ve made a second one with a little more variety. Fewer RPGs and more action-oriented game tunes! Going by the same rules as the last – one tune per franchise and no specific order, let’s get straight to the music. Continue reading

10 Songs That Make Me Want to Play the Games They’re From

It’s probably happened to you before. Out of nowhere you’ll start humming a tune you remembered from a game (or you’ll hear it) and then suddenly, you have a desire to play that game. That or it’s just me being stupid and not really having anything else more creative to write about. REGARDLESS; here’s my list of 10 songs from video games that make me want to play the games they’re from. Continue reading

10 Recent Games That Need to be Localized

As new consoles and handhelds begin to pop up over time, new games pop up that make you say “I have to have THAT!” Unfortunately, along with the newer hardware comes region locking. As of 2012, the PS3 is currently the only platform that is 99.9% region free (Persona 4 Arena being the .1% as it is the only PS3 game with a region lock), while the Vita and Xbox 360 are partially unaffected by region locks (while the PSP is also region free, it’s becoming less and less relevant in the west, while the DS is also losing support to the 3DS). Because of said region locks, some games are just incapable of being played on a console/handheld of a different region. Thus leaving us to hope for localizations to happen. Sometimes, it just never happens. So I’ve compiled a list of 10 games that were either recently released elsewhere or are set for release that have no plans of being localized, but should. Continue reading

6 Ways To Improve Nintendo’s eShop for 3DS

On February of this year, I became an owner of a Nintendo 3DS. My initial reason for buying one was because my DS Lite was having all sorts of problems and I was in dire need of playing Dragon Quest IX with something other than a D-Pad. Since then, I’ve managed to pick up 6 retail games, 7 3DS downloadable titles, and 11 Virtual Console games. Needless to say, I’m quite content with the handheld and still have plenty of other games to look forward to purchasing both physically and digitally. However, that isn’t to say all is well. As I have more games digitally, I’ve spent quite a bit of time on the eShop and have found there are a few flaws that really need some fixing up. Here’s a few things I feel Nintendo could improve on them. Continue reading

Multiplatform Logic

So Nintendo made the announcement that Bayonetta 2 was actually being made. This shocked many, as it originally seemed like a sequel was never going to happen. Then another shock came in the form of exclusivity; the Wii U would be the only console to be getting Bayonetta 2. This pleased quite a few that were glad that a sequel was even being made and those who were on the fence about the Wii U have now been sold on it because of Bayonetta 2.

Then you have folks like this guy in the above image. When word broke out that Bayonetta 2 would be a Wii U exclusive, many were quick to become angry and throw a fit. Some legitimately angry that they’d have to purchase a new console to play the sequel, while others were more ridiculously upset over having to buy a Nintendo product due to fanboyism. Nevertheless, I found the above comment interesting because it shows just how very simple-minded some people are and how their emotions tend to cloud their thinking.

Let’s think about this for a moment. Going by his logic, the following should not have happened:

-Final Fantasy VII becoming a PlayStation exclusive
-Dragon Quest VII becoming a PlayStation exclusive
-Castlevania: Symphony of the Night coming to PlayStation
-Soul Calibur becoming a Dreamcast exclusive
-Mega Man 8 coming to both Saturn and PlayStation
-Mega Man X4 through X6 becoming PlayStation exclusives
-Oddworld: Munch’s Oddysee becoming an Xbox exclusive
-Dead or Alive 3 becoming an Xbox exclusive
-Ninja Gaiden becoming an Xbox exclusive
-Ace Combat 6 becoming an Xbox 360 exclusive
-Tenchu Z becoming an Xbox 360 exclusive
-Tales of Vesperia becoming a timed Xbox 360 exclusive
-Monster Hunter Tri becoming a Wii exclusive

This is just a small example of games we’ve seen appear on different company-branded consoles than their franchises’ previous entries have appeared on. If companies just kept games limited to one company’s platforms because their previous entries were on previous platforms, then the PlayStation brand would have had a hard time getting off the ground solely on new IPs. Any brand and company would. The fact is that Bayonetta 2 was, at one point, cancelled. Had Nintendo not chosen to publish Bayonetta 2, the game would have remained cancelled as Sega has been in a bit of a financial struggle to publish it themselves.

A Link to My Past: Phantasy Star Online Part 1

As many of you probably already knew, the Sega Dreamcast is one of my absolute favorite consoles. What many of you probably don’t know that the Dreamcast was a first of many things for me.

  • It was the first disc-based gaming console I ever owned.
  • It was the first console to get me into online gaming.
  • It was the first to introduce me to the Phantasy Star series.

On October 1, 2001, I got a Sega Dreamcast for my 16th birthday. At the time, my most current console was a Nintendo 64. I didn’t own a PlayStation or a Saturn because once the 32-bit/64-bit era came into full swing, my brother and I were only allowed one console per generation. By this point, Sega had announced several months before that they were dropping out of the console race, so Dreamcasts were dropping in price. The Dreamcast was bordering between $50 to $75 at this point, with retailers trying to get rid of whatever stock they had left over. Obviously this was also to make room for the upcoming PlayStation 2. Among the first games I ever got for my Dreamcast was an RPG titled Phantasy Star Online. Continue reading

A Link to My Past: The Pokémon League

I’m sure anyone who grew up with Pokémon back in the major height of its popularity harbored feelings of either wishing Pokémon were actually real or wanted to be Pokémon trainers and travel around to interact with people who shared the same passions as you did. As a kid, Saturdays were my one day of the week to become a social butterfly (or in this case, a social Butterfree?) and meet up with kids around my age range to talk and play Pokémon. Continue reading