10 Songs That Make Me Want to Play the Games They’re From

It’s probably happened to you before. Out of nowhere you’ll start humming a tune you remembered from a game (or you’ll hear it) and then suddenly, you have a desire to play that game. That or it’s just me being stupid and not really having anything else more creative to write about. REGARDLESS; here’s my list of 10 songs from video games that make me want to play the games they’re from.

Atheltic (Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island)

Trying to stick with one entry per franchise, I went with this one out of all of the main Mario games (although technically it could be considered a Yoshi game) mainly because I catch myself remembering this one the most, as well as humming it. This was one of the last new SNES games I played when it came out and it is most definitely a solid 2D platformer that has aged just fine. Well, except maybe Baby Mario and his crying.

The Chrono Trigger (Chrono Trigger)

Ho boy, where do I begin? I first discovered Chrono Trigger through Nintendo Power by immediately noticing the characters were drawn by Akira Toriyama, known for being the artist behind Dragon Quest and the author of Dr. Slump and Dragon Ball. I wanted to play this game BADLY as a kid but never got the chance to until around the time emulators sprung up. Lemme tell you, the build up makes the theme that much more worth it. On top of that, the theme plays to the events that occur in the game, giving you an idea of what’s to come within the story. A fantastic score, great gameplay and story about time travel made this a game I always have to play every now and again.

Rooftop Run [Modern] (Sonic Generations)

Yeah, I cheated and went with Sonic Generations to pick from a Sonic game, but can you blame me? The score for the entire soundtrack was amazingly done for both the Classic and Modern settings. The one I had to go with was Sonic Unleashed’s Rooftop Run. The song just screams speed and the level itself absolutely delivered in both Sonic Unleashed and Sonic Generations. Heck, the song itself is what made me try out Sonic Unleashed when it came out.

Overture (Dragon Quest IX)

The Dragon Quest series is known for reusing the same opening, but with differences in the notes and instruments to make them different. Even so, Dragon Quest’s Overture is a helluva way to start off a game and get you absolutely hyped to play. I went with Dragon Quest IX’s version because it’s just a little step up from Dragon Quest VIII’s version and DQIX is honestly an insanely addicting game (I’ve currently clocked over 200 hours in the game and have been in post-story mode for a year now). Honestly, just hearing any of the Overture themes makes me want to play a Dragon Quest game.

Theme of MYSTICAL NINJA (Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon)

Holy hell. Okay, you have to put yourselves in my shoes for a moment. I didn’t own a PlayStation or a Saturn growing up. During that generation, I had the Nintendo 64. I didn’t have a disc-based console until the Dreamcast. So you can imagine my surprise when my cartridge-based console was not only busting out a high quality intro tune, but one with Hironobu Kageyama singing! The same guy that sang a majority of Dragon Ball Z’s lyrical tunes delivered the opening for this. I wasn’t used to hearing such things from a cartridge-based console, since I thought you could only get that experience from disc-based ones. So after hearing this tune, I repeatedly reset my N64 just to hear it before becoming immersed with a pretty sweet action-platformer. Shame the only thing that keeps me from playing is the lack of an N64 memory card. 😦

Day Dawns (Phantasy Star Online)

Here’s a more relaxing tune. This is the music that would play while in the online lobbies before setting up a game or joining one in Phantasy Star Online. This is one I’ve often heard due to the sheer amount of times I’d play this game (this is the console equivalent of Dragon Quest IX). Sometimes I’d just sit around and listen to this. Heck, as I listen to it now, I get nostalgic over the different people I met through out each iteration of PSO and played/chat with. The rest of the game’s soundtrack is no slouch, but this one I’ll always remember the most and it will always get me pining to play again.

Time to Make History (Persona 4 Golden)

Going for something that’s technically not out yet (well, not outside of Japan, anyway). I played through Persona 4 twice already, both the main game and the New Game Plus, getting the True Ending on both runs. The Vita upgraded port is just around the corner and hearing this battle theme definitely has me hyped and making me want to get my hands on it and a Vita sooner!

You Will Know Our Names (Xenoblade Chronicles)

Speaking of battle themes, here comes one that’s just badass from Xenoblade Chronicles for the Wii. Dat electric guitar, man! I need not say anymore. Just listen to that! It definitely makes me want to go back and finish the insanely huge game. Maybe I will once I get a Wii U and transfer my Wii saves over.

Flutter VS The Gesellschaft (Mega Man Legends)

Putting aside all of the nonsense between Capcom and them cancelling Mega Man Legends 3, listening to this has always made me wanna go back and replay Mega Man Legends, which I have for both the PlayStation and Nintendo 64. The downside? It makes me wanna play Mega Man Legends 2, which I don’t have and has recently become insanely expensive due to the rise in interest after Capcom cancelled MML3. I MEAN, C’MON, CAPCOM! WHAT THE HELL?! Er…

Team Plasma Battle (Pokémon Black 2/White 2)

Choosing between the Pokémon games is a real tough one, because they all have really good music that makes me want to replay them. However, I went with B2/W2 simply because it’s the current release and I haven’t actually finished playing it. That and this is pretty much the best damned villain grunts battle theme from any of the Pokémon games, even trumping the original Team Plasma battle theme from Black and White. Speaking of which, now that my 3DS is charged, I’ll get back to playing White 2…


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