10 Recent Games That Need to be Localized

As new consoles and handhelds begin to pop up over time, new games pop up that make you say “I have to have THAT!” Unfortunately, along with the newer hardware comes region locking. As of 2012, the PS3 is currently the only platform that is 99.9% region free (Persona 4 Arena being the .1% as it is the only PS3 game with a region lock), while the Vita and Xbox 360 are partially unaffected by region locks (while the PSP is also region free, it’s becoming less and less relevant in the west, while the DS is also losing support to the 3DS). Because of said region locks, some games are just incapable of being played on a console/handheld of a different region. Thus leaving us to hope for localizations to happen. Sometimes, it just never happens. So I’ve compiled a list of 10 games that were either recently released elsewhere or are set for release that have no plans of being localized, but should. Continue reading