Multiplatform Logic

So Nintendo made the announcement that Bayonetta 2 was actually being made. This shocked many, as it originally seemed like a sequel was never going to happen. Then another shock came in the form of exclusivity; the Wii U would be the only console to be getting Bayonetta 2. This pleased quite a few that were glad that a sequel was even being made and those who were on the fence about the Wii U have now been sold on it because of Bayonetta 2.

Then you have folks like this guy in the above image. When word broke out that Bayonetta 2 would be a Wii U exclusive, many were quick to become angry and throw a fit. Some legitimately angry that they’d have to purchase a new console to play the sequel, while others were more ridiculously upset over having to buy a Nintendo product due to fanboyism. Nevertheless, I found the above comment interesting because it shows just how very simple-minded some people are and how their emotions tend to cloud their thinking.

Let’s think about this for a moment. Going by his logic, the following should not have happened:

-Final Fantasy VII becoming a PlayStation exclusive
-Dragon Quest VII becoming a PlayStation exclusive
-Castlevania: Symphony of the Night coming to PlayStation
-Soul Calibur becoming a Dreamcast exclusive
-Mega Man 8 coming to both Saturn and PlayStation
-Mega Man X4 through X6 becoming PlayStation exclusives
-Oddworld: Munch’s Oddysee becoming an Xbox exclusive
-Dead or Alive 3 becoming an Xbox exclusive
-Ninja Gaiden becoming an Xbox exclusive
-Ace Combat 6 becoming an Xbox 360 exclusive
-Tenchu Z becoming an Xbox 360 exclusive
-Tales of Vesperia becoming a timed Xbox 360 exclusive
-Monster Hunter Tri becoming a Wii exclusive

This is just a small example of games we’ve seen appear on different company-branded consoles than their franchises’ previous entries have appeared on. If companies just kept games limited to one company’s platforms because their previous entries were on previous platforms, then the PlayStation brand would have had a hard time getting off the ground solely on new IPs. Any brand and company would. The fact is that Bayonetta 2 was, at one point, cancelled. Had Nintendo not chosen to publish Bayonetta 2, the game would have remained cancelled as Sega has been in a bit of a financial struggle to publish it themselves.


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