Pokémon 30 Day Challenge

So there’s this “30 Day Challenge” thing goin’ on where you answer a bunch of questions relating to Pokémon for each day of the month. Seeing that it’s February, there’s only 28 days. OH WELL! STILL GONNA DO IT!

  1. Favorite Pokémon: Torn between Typhlosion and Weavile. Just love their designs.
  2. Least favorite Pokémon: Qwilfish – it is, without a doubt, one of the most useless Pokémon around.
  3. Favorite starter Pokémon: Tied between Squirtle and Cyndaquil. Love ’em both!
  4. Favorite Eeveelution: Umbreon – one of my tactics for it in the GSC days was to use it to annoy the living hell out of everything.
  5. Favorite legendary Pokémon: Definitely Mewtwo. Probably because of the first movie setting up its back story. That and it’s a total badass.
  6. Most terrifying Pokémon: Victreebel, Haunter and Shedinja. Read their Pokédex entries. Holy shit.
  7. Most adorable Pokémon: I hate bugs, but good lord, Joltik is too cute. 😦
  8. Most amusing Pokémon: A tie between Psyduck and Scraggy.
  9. Favorite Pokémon type: Dark-types are probably my favorite.
  10. Least favorite Pokémon type: Rock-types are probably my least favorite due to their usual pairings giving them so many weaknesses.
  11. Favorite new Pokémon from Black & White: Scrafty! Best Fighting and Dark-type EVER!
  12. Favorite Pokémon attack or move: Shadow Ball, simply because it’s pretty damn sweet looking.
  13. If you lived in the Pokemon world, what would you be?: Just a regular trainer? I ‘unno.
  14. If you were a gym leader, what would be your specialty?: I’d probably cheat and go the route Green went by not specializing in any certain type.
  15. Favorite region in the Pokémon world: Kanto and Unova
  16. If you could live anywhere in the Pokémon world, where would it be?: Nimbasa City looks like a pretty interesting place to live in.
  17. If you could be any Pokemon, what would you be?: I’d like to stay human, thanks. 😦 If I *had* to be one, then probably Gengar just to troll people.
  18. Favorite Gym Leader: From each region – Erika, Morty, Juan, Gardenia and Skyla
  19. Favorite Elite 4 member/Champion: Same as above – Lance, Karen, Phoebe, Flint, Shauntal
  20. Favorite Pokémon Professor: Professor Juniper, cause she’s the first female Professor and she’s got that crazy hairdo.
  21. Favorite Pokémon bad guys: Team Rocket and Team Galactic – straight up villains through and through that not only attacked Pokémon, but humans as well. Galactic got away with more, like BOMBING AN ENTIRE LAKE and capturing three Legendary Pokémon while trying to reset time and space.
  22. Favorite Rival: Green and Barry – Green acted like he felt sorry for you and tried throwing advice your way while acting snide. Barry, on the other hand, felt like an impatient bro that wanted to show you what he was capable of and that he could catch up to you if he tried hard enough.
  23. A Pokémon which reminds you of a friend: Snorlax – hell, my friend even referred to himself as such.
  24. A Pokémon you’d find useful in real-life: Any Pokémon large enough to Fly me around places or a Pokémon that can use Teleport.
  25. A Pokémon based on your favorite animal: My favorite animals are dogs and cats, so Houndour and Meowth?
  26. A Pokémon that is your favorite colour: Umbreon’s black.
  27. Favorite Pokémon game: Main game – RGBY, Spin off – TCG
  28. What did you nickname your rival?: I’ve gone with the standard color names when I could rename them. Recently I nicknamed Green as “Biff” in FireRed based off the character from Back to the Future.
  29. Favorite Pokémon tune or song: Main games, spin-off games, anime, American soundtrack
  30. Most nostalgic element of Pokémon: Refer to my previous blog entry. :p

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