A Look at Dragon Ball GT’s Errors and Oddities – Episodes 2 and 3

Episode 1 of Dragon Ball GT revolved around Goku being turned back into a child through the usage of the Black Star Dragon Balls and discovering that unless all seven are returned to Earth, the planet will be destroyed.  Episode 2 revolves around everyone focusing on getting Goku into space. Gohan was originally going to go with Goku, but Vegeta suggests Trunks and Goten go instead. Pan stows away as Trunks and Goku are on board and starts the ship up before Goten can even board.  Unlike the first episode, there wasn’t too much to really scratch one’s head at. Except for one big design change…

“I’m the Star! Pan Takes off Into Space!!”

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A Look at Dragon Ball GT’s Errors and Oddities – Episode 1

During the year 1995, Akira Toriyama’s hit manga series known as “Dragon Ball”  came to an end. Son Goku had found a really strong boy named Oob, who was the reincarnation of Majin Boo, and decided to go off with him to train him to be the Earth’s next protector. In 1996, the anime series “Dragon Ball Z” was on its way to finishing up its adaption of the manga. With nothing left to adapt, the anime would be done with Z. However, Toei Animation opted to push the animated series further by creating brand new material that would not have any source material to adapt. Thus “Dragon Ball GT” was created. After Dragon Ball Z concluded with 291 episodes, Dragon Ball GT began the following week.

Dragon Ball GT…isn’t really too well received with fans. It showed as the series only lasted for 64 episodes. The series just didn’t feel the same to some and there were some downright oddities that occurred through out the series. Some of those oddities being continuity errors or just plain flubs. I will admit – Dragon Ball GT is a guilty pleasure to me. I know it’s not as good as Dragon Ball or Dragon Ball Z, but I still find some enjoyment from it. Even if I find myself questioning some of the things that happen. So that’s what I’m gonna do. A lot of people will just say “It’s not canon. End of story.” as the excuse to why things happen in GT. While it’s not canon with the manga, it does seem to act like it’s canon with the anime. So with that, I’ll be going over all oddities and errors of GT. All 64 episodes of them. Oh boy! Continue reading

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