E3 2011

In a previous post, I made some predictions for this year’s E3. Let’s see what ended up being true, and what didn’t.

I imagine a more complete form of Gears of War 3 will be shown.
This happened.

another deal with Activision about exclusive stuff for Modern Warfare 3
Briefly mentioned, but this was no different from the last E3.

Kinect games will begin to pop up again
Holy crap, was I on the money with this one. Nearly every game shown had either Kinect features thrown in or were made specifically for Kinect.

Steel Battalion and maybe another look at Project Draco
Sadly, I was wrong about this one. No sign of either games in sight.

Rare will probably pop in with another announcement that no one will care about
While it wasn’t said if Rare was developing it, the sequel to their first Kinect Sports was announced. So maybe right? Maybe wrong?

I don’t see a Halo title being announced
I was right about this when the only Halo title they announced was going to be a remake of the first. Then the end of the conference came where they unveiled Halo 4. I was wrong and honestly did not see it coming.

I believe most of MS’ focuses this year will be on whatever games get served on its hardware via multiplatform, along with some servings of Kinect games. MS will likely only focus on software this year. No new platform yet.
This was actually true as well. Contrary to the rumors, there was no new platform in the works. They also focused more on games, rather than the non-gaming features they spent more time on last E3.

I do somehow imagine with MS purchasing Skype, they *might* integrate Skype/Xbox 360 calls
Nope. Didn’t happen. They did, however, bring in Bing-powered searches for games and movies to purchase, as well as YouTube viewing and Live TV.

Sony confirmed they’re working on PlayStation 4. I don’t think they’ll be showing it, but I believe they’ll probably announce that it’s on the way
Thought they would, but not one peep.

NGP will probably be shown again and will likely have an official name, along with actual gameplay to showcase
Yep, I was right. We finally got a name (PlayStation Vita), two models and price points, some game lists and…*gasp* actual game play!

A list of PSP-to-PS3 titles will probably be shown
For some ungodly reason, they were very quiet about this. No list, but God of Wars Origins Collection was announced.

with that possibly being used to promote a possible price drop on the PlayStation 3
I was wrong about this, as well. I seriously was hoping I wouldn’t be about it.

The PSP will *maybe* see a price drop if the PS3 doesn’t
Once again, zilch.

I do see Capcom revealing Monster Hunter somewhere in there for a global release
Nope. But they did unveil Street Fighter X Tekken for the Vita, with Cole from inFAMOUS as a playable character.

Hopefully we may hear something from The Last Guardian and a bit more of Twisted Metal, as well.
How could they let this happen?! Not one word in regards to either title!

There’ll also probably be some more 3D title announcements
Oh boy, was there ever a push on 3D at the beginning. To the point where they even brought in the PS3D TV; a budget 3DTV designed for the PS3 with a free game.

For the conference, it’ll be a mix of both hardware and software focus.
Also true. Most of the software shown was 3D and Move titles for the PS3, while Vita was shown again along with some actual gameplay of its titles.


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