Flea Market Run

For several years, I’ve gone to my local flea market and have managed to track down a lot of cool stuff. Sometimes I’d find something and snag it, other times I’d leave empty handed. I honestly had thought about recording my trips there to show off the stuff I’d find or come out with. I decided not to because I didn’t feel anyone would be interested. Then Pat the NES Punk managed to pull it off with his own recordings. Well damn. So I went today and decided to snap a few shots of my trip. Let’s have a look!

Be sure to click the images to see them in full size! Details within those pics.

At the end of the day, I came out looking like this. It was 89 degrees out, but the wind was out in full force to ease things on me. I spent about two hours walking around before calling it a day. Hair kept getting blown around in my face and ultimately puffed out on me (probably shoulda brought my hat). Hope you guys enjoy this little look. I’ll probably be doing this again next Saturday.


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