E3 2011 Predictions

So E3’s not too far off from now. Everyone seems to be making predictions, so I figured I’d thrown in my own. Why? Well…why the hell not?

Nintendo: It’s painfully obvious to see the Wii is going to end up dying a slow, painfully ignored death. Just like the N64 and GameCube before it. With 3rd party support dwindling on the platform, I don’t see many new games coming out for it. In fact, I don’t see much coming from Nintendo, either. On the Wii’s front, we’ll see about only a handful of average titles that’ll likely already be multiplats. I imagine Miyamoto will want to show off more of Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword now that a year’s gone by since we last saw it. The 3DS, on the other hand, is likely to get more attention as the steam’s been building up. What games will show up? Well, I imagine the recently announced Shinobi title will make an appearance, along with Tales of the Abyss. But from the Big N? Maybe we’ll see that Super Mario Bros. game Miyamoto mentioned. Maybe even a look at what to expect from the online store. Lastly, the big gun will likely be the unveiling of Project Cafe, as it’s due out next year. Regular DS will see about as little support as the Wii, I imagine.

Sony: Well, it seems Sony confirmed they’re working on PlayStation 4. I don’t think they’ll be showing it, but I believe they’ll probably announce that it’s on the way. Meanwhile, NGP will probably be shown again and will likely have an official name, along with actual gameplay to showcase. A list of PSP-to-PS3 titles will probably be shown, with that possibly being used to promote a possible price drop on the PlayStation 3. I imagine a $250 price for the 160GB model may be what they’d shoot for to compete with the 360. Dropping to $200 would be nice, but I imagine that’d be overkill for them. Some Move titles might show up as they’ve been particularly quiet. The PSP will *maybe* see a price drop if the PS3 doesn’t, as it doesn’t look like there’s a whole lot coming in for the PSP in the future. However, I do see Capcom revealing Monster Hunter somewhere in there for a global release. Hopefully we may hear something from The Last Guardian and a bit more of Twisted Metal, as well. There’ll also probably be some more 3D title announcements. For the conference, it’ll be a mix of both hardware and software focus.

Microsoft: …Where do I begin here? On the one hand, I imagine a more complete form of Gears of War 3 will be shown. Uh…oh, possibly another deal with Activision about exclusive crap stuff for Modern Warfare 3, along with another look at the game. Kinect games will begin to pop up again, such as Steel Battalion and maybe another look at Project Draco. Rare will probably pop in with another announcement that no one will care about. As for other things….well, I can’t really think of anything here. The 360’s generally been barren of anything exclusive, save for the usual Halo and Gears titles. I don’t see a Halo title being announced. I believe most of MS’ focuses this year will be on whatever games get served on its hardware via multiplatform, along with some servings of Kinect games. MS will likely only focus on software this year. No new platform yet. I do somehow imagine with MS purchasing Skype, they *might* integrate Skype/Xbox 360 calls, but only if you’re a Gold user. That would, sadly, be the only kind of cross-connectivity 360 users would see.


2 comments on “E3 2011 Predictions

  1. So the Wii is dying, eh? Wow, it seems like just yesterday that it was the king of everything. Hard to believe.

    As far as Square-Enix goes, what do you think the chances are for them to be able to fix Final Fantasy XIV and turn it into a decent game?

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