Flea Market Run

For several years, I’ve gone to my local flea market and have managed to track down a lot of cool stuff. Sometimes I’d find something and snag it, other times I’d leave empty handed. I honestly had thought about recording my trips there to show off the stuff I’d find or come out with. I decided not to because I didn’t feel anyone would be interested. Then Pat the NES Punk managed to pull it off with his own recordings. Well damn. So I went today and decided to snap a few shots of my trip. Let’s have a look! Continue reading


E3 2011 Predictions

So E3’s not too far off from now. Everyone seems to be making predictions, so I figured I’d thrown in my own. Why? Well…why the hell not? Continue reading

Vidya Gaem Deals

So I have this habit of browsing around online and finding as many deals for video games as I can. Like most people, I’m limited in what I can spend, so it’s always great finding something much cheaper than what it originally was. I’ve been sharing a few of those deals with people who follow my Twitter and because I post quite a few, it’s easy to miss out on any of the ones I’ve posted earlier. So with that, I’m providing a compiled list of those games and their prices. So, here we go! Continue reading