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It shouldn’t be a surprise that I’ve got a particular soft spot for Sega. So when I see new info popping up from the company, I get a little bit excited. Boy, is there a few things here and there that are worth mentioning and some that are disappointing to find out. Let’s get things started with the most recently announced stuff!

Several months ago, GameStop.com accidentally revealed that Sega was going to release Sega Dreamcast Collection for the Xbox 360. They were quick to pull the link down as soon as people noticed and nothing had materialized until recently in the most recent Game Informer, when Alan Pritchard confirmed they were indeed working on a compilation similar to Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection. For $30, a compilation of Dreamcast games sounded like a sweet deal. He didn’t mention what titles would be in the set or when or where it’d be available, but he definitely confirmed its existence.

Then we received news from Sega themselves. Unfortunately, it appears to be just a collective packaging of what’s available (and will be) on Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network. The collection will contain Sonic Adventure, Crazy Taxi, Sega Bass Fishing and Space Channel 5: Part 2. The date listed on GameStop’s site was slightly off (listing a release date of February 15), but it definitely is arriving in the US for the Xbox 360 on February 22 of this year. Also announced would be a retail version and digital download version both for the PC (Steam likely being the choice for digital as Sega uploads their PC games through them). Surprisingly is the fact that PC was even included, while PlayStation 3 owners were completely left out! No word on a possible later release for the PS3 has been mentioned. The compilation’s said to retain all of the individual Achievements and Leaderboard functions.

Personally, I find it odd that they wouldn’t include different titles, such as Jet Set Radio or Shenmue. Even more bizarre that Virtual-On: Oratorio Tangram wasn’t included, despite being available on Xbox Live Arcade!

On to better news, Sega’s released four different trailers for the upcoming Valkyria Chronicles 3 for the PSP.

Three of the four show off the various characters within the game, while the fourth gives a look at the different features within the game. You can find all four collected here.

On top of that, it seems European video retail HMV has revealed that the Valkyria Chronicles anime will be receiving a DVD release outside of Japan. No official date was given, nor any word on who may have licensed it, but it’s currently listed as a “pre-release” item. Best to keep your eyes peeled on that one, for now. Especially when the photo they’re using for the DVD cover art comes from a Chinese bootleg DVD.

Back on the PSP, Phantasy Star Portable 2 infinity finally had its demo released over in Japan. Apparently players can raise their demo characters to level 100, download missions, take screenshots, take part in Battle and Challenge Modes and can expect to play through three chapters of the main story. Importing one’s existing character can also provide extra goodies and benefits for the trial and likely when the game is to be released. Currently, the online mode is not available but will be starting January 20th. If you have the means of being able to play the demo, grab it while you can as there will be only a limited number of trial licenses will be available.


There’s this thing. Sega’s “Toylet.” As the name implies, it’s a toilet that you play pissing games with. Either that is the most ingenious thing I’ve ever heard of or Sega’s gone nut–wait, no. We can’t forget that this is the company that gave us a pet raising simulator about fishmen with human faces that talk back to you or a puzzle game that’s basically a game of Cat and Mouse.

Yay: Dreamcast compilation, Valkyria Chronicles 3 shaping up nicely, PSP2i demo available
Boo: Dreamcast compilation is just several games already available, compilation not on PS3, VC anime is kinda meh, no word on western PSP2i release
Huhwha?!: Toylet


2 comments on “Different Sega Stuff

  1. I too am disappointed with the selection of games that they are putting on the Dreamcast Collection because how can it be a collection with 4-5 games in it only and that I was so disappointed that neither of the Shenmue titles were added to the collection. I mean, I could understand if they could not fit Shenmue if they had 10 games on the disc but I think 4 Dreamcast games plus the first Shenmue could fit on an Xbox 360 DVD. As for the toilet games, I don’t know what to say about that.

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