Procrastination, ho!

So as it should come to not big surprise, I’ve been procrastinating on that darned video I promised about two weeks ago or so. It ain’t canceled. Especially not with the amount of work I’ve put in it. It’s just…on delay, as usual. But don’t worry! It’ll be out before the end of this year, that’s for damn sure!

I’ve also been playing a few other games, that way my mind isn’t permanently glued to just the first Phantasy Star. With my 360 out of commission, I hooked my PlayStation 2 back up and also got back to playing games on it, my DS and PC. So what the hell have I been playing?

This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. If you’ve seen me on Steam, you’ll know that the game I play most of is Team Fortress 2. Honestly, Valve’s games are the only FPS titles I can ever fully enjoy in the genre (save for Counter-Strike and Day of Defeat). You give me Call of Duty and I’ll be completely confused about what weapon does what and who’s who. Gimme a good ol’ bow and arrow, a jar of piss, a sandwich, a rocket launcher and a bugle and I’m good. Games like CoD always leave me trying to figure out if the person I’m shooting at is on my side or an enemy. The only time I’ll have to worry about that in TF2 is if I’m dealing with a Spy.  Speaking of, Spy is my main class, followed by Sniper and then Pyro. My worst class has to be Scout.

Admittedly, I haven’t been playing this too often. I really should, since I’ve been in a zombie/survivor killing mood. I honestly get tired of the Campaign Mode, but the Versus is what really draws me in. I should probably play more of Scavenger Mode, though the last time I played was with a total dick that kept lighting our fuel tanks on fire by chucking Molotovs at them. I also have a really bad habit of missing KaiserNeko’s invitations to play. Usually I’ll be really busy (like now, as we speak), or by the time my computer wants to completely load L4D2, the game will already be full. One of these days, we will play, man! Sorry we haven’t had a chance to!

I’ve had this one sitting around in my collection for a good while. Got it a few months back from GameStop for $20 brand new, so I decided to finally pop this one in a couple of days ago. I had already played through most of Persona 3 FES (which I need to finish, since I’m already within the final months of that game), so I knew what to expect of this game. It’s still a breath of fresh air compared to what RPGs have become from Square-Enix and I’m definitely grateful that I can finally control my god damned party this time, as opposed to Persona 3’s AI-only party members. I had a bit of difficulty with the first dungeon, but after grinding just a bit, I managed to get further. My only gripes with this game are:

  • It still has that damned problem where if the main character dies, it’s Game Over, regardless if the other three are alive
  • Everything has to be done during the day, including dungeon crawling

The last one is especially apparent after playing Persona 3. In the previous title, you could do all your Social Link stuff and MC stat raising (Knowledge, Courage, etc.) during the day and then go dungeon crawling at night. In Persona 4, everything is done during the day. During the night, the only things you can apparently do are cook and raise some stats, if the game permits you. You apparently can’t do anything at night if you’ve returned from dungeon crawling during the day. Other than that, I’m digging the game.

Of course, there’s also Pokemon. I never actually got around to finishing Platinum and it felt like a waste not having done so. I’m working on beating Crasher Wake for his badge, but of course, starting with Chimchar may have backfired on me. My only real means of countering his team (Gyarados, Quagsire and Floatzel) are with Pikachu and Tropius. Unfortunately, leveling them up at this point is a pain. As of now, my team consists of:

  • Pikachu (level 32)
  • Bronzor (level 27)
  • Crobat (level 30)
  • Haunter (level 28)
  • Infernape (level 36)
  • Tropius (level 28)

Due to Gyarados’ speed and sheer power, taking it down without losing three Pokemon is a bit anger inducing. Even worse when I’ve gotten its HP down to next to nothing, and Crasher Wake remembers he has a Full Potion. That alone makes me want to chuck my DS across the room.


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