“Can’t Let You Play That, Chris”

So it looks like *now* my 360 is officially dead. I’ve had mine since 2006 and it died on 2007 due to the RRoD. I sent it in to Microsoft, got it back within a week and it worked just fine…until last month.

Around last month, it started to show signs of the RRoD again, though it would resume as normal after turning it off and on a couple of times. After that stopped working, another method I somehow discovered involved slightly smacking it on its bottom side (the part that rests on the floor when sat horizontally). It seemed to do the trick for a while until it stopped showing up. Thought I was done with it. Then today rolled around. After trying to power up my 360, I was greeted by those damned red rings. I tried the ol’ smack trick; didn’t work this time.

So I called Microsoft up about it. Because the extra three year warranty ended in March of this year, I was no longer able to send it in for free. The rep over the phone explained I’d either have to pay $119 to process a repair over the phone (basically them giving me the okay to send it in; they no longer even send you the box to ship it, you need to do that yourself), or pay $99 to do it online. They mentioned if I were to do so, I’d also get a month’s subscription to Xbox Live Gold…which is stupid, seeing as how I wouldn’t have my 360 on me. I right off the bat declined on both. There’s no fucking way I’d pay either of those prices to ship in my system for them to fix again, when it *should* have been fixed the first time around. Upon telling them that, their response was that “The Xbox 360 is a machine and that all hardware are prone to having failures at unexpected times.” That, in other words, told me that the 360 is an unreliable piece of shit.

While my NES, SNES and Genesis are far from technologically advanced as my 360, they still work. My SNES survived being in a house that was destroyed by Hurricane Andrew. My Dreamcast is over 10 years old and still functions as it should. My Wii is from the exact same year my 360 was manufactured and still works exactly as it should. My Xbox 360 is the *only* piece of electronic equipment I’ve ever had that’s malfunctioned twice, even after a repair. Not only that, but it’s the only electronic hardware I’ve ever had that’s malfunctioned in such a short time frame.

I know I wanted a PlayStation 3, but this whole thing pretty much hammered the final nail in the coffin for me. It was fun, Xbox 360, but Live isn’t worth the headaches and neither is your abysmal (and costly) hardware. Until I get a PlayStation 3, I’ll just stick with my Wii, DS and older consoles. I’ve been playing those a lot more than I have with you, anyway.


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